Our Integrity Playbook (Code of Conduct)

Ever since Jack in the Box served its first hamburger in 1951, our Company has built a reputation for quality, value and integrity. We recognize that the continued success of our Company depends upon our earning and maintaining the trust of our guests and all of our other stakeholders, including fellow employees, franchisees, suppliers and other business partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we do business. We earn and maintain that trust by working to always do the right thing.

Anything our employees do on behalf of the Company and our brand must be both legal and ethical. This means that we must comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law, and do the right thing when there are no rules or laws to guide us. Our stakeholders expect no less from us, and we should expect no less from each other.

This Integrity Playbook describes the expectations we have for everyone who acts on behalf of, or represents our Company or our brand. It is made available to all employees, each of whom is required to attend periodic workshops explaining ethical decision-making and exploring solutions to ethical issues and dilemmas. The Playbook requires employees to report any policy violations to their supervisor or to call the Ethics Helpline, a toll-free number. All calls are treated confidentially to the extent possible, and the employee may remain anonymous if he or she so desires.